At long last, my novel….

This morning, two unusual things happened:

1. My son woke up for school on his own, meaning I didn’t have to play the bad guy (I hate waking people up — sleep is a good thing!).

2. I received a message from Amazon that informed me that my novel Hearts at Dawn is now live!

So, bascially, a great way to start the morning, especially for a non-morning person like myself.

I went to bed the way I had been all my life and woke up…well, pretty much the same, only now there is a page on Amazon with my book on it. And it feels amazing.

And terrifying. My book is out in the world now, and I wonder what people will think of it?

If you read it, I hope with all my heart that it gives you some escape from your worries and maybe even adds a glow of magic to your days, dear potential reader.

Here’s the link to the Amazon page.

If, like me, you’re outside the US, you can find it on your country or region’s Amazon, as well. My book has a chance to be read around the world. What a time to be alive!

So, what is this all about? Here’s a summary of Hearts at Dawn:

History and magic intertwine in a fairytale retelling that will capture the hearts of Beauty and the Beast fans.

Hope helps you endure. Love will break the spell.

Paris, 1870. As the Franco-Prussian War enters its desperate final months, the capital transforms from a splendid metropolis into a city under siege. Lavish meals change to rations, pigeons deliver letters, and two destinies will collide, challenged by a seemingly unbreakable curse.


Every night, New York aristocrat Orin Rush transforms into a monster. After learning that a human heart is the only way to break the curse, he keeps himself carefully distant from anyone he might hurt.

Can he lift the enchantment without taking a life?

His search for answers leads him to Paris.


Every day, free-spirited Claire Turin photographs the people and animals of Paris. Fascinated by the city she loves, her greatest dream is a secret she keeps in her apartment. Her greatest fear is the emptiness of night, when she thinks of the family she’s lost.

She’s never loved anyone else. Maybe she never will.


Will Paris and its people survive the hardship of the Siege? Will Orin break the curse? And will two hearts who’ve never known love awaken in the City of Light?

If you’d like to learn more about the book and explore the world of Hearts at Dawn, you can visit my author site, where you’ll find historical resources, images, and other information. I’ll be posting updates and articles here and on the official Hearts at Dawn blog soon — including an upcoming Siege of Paris cooking project (I promise that it will not involve cats, dogs, rats, or zoo animals).

And now I’m going to jump around excitedly for a while! Yay!

is a writer & worrier. She recently published her first novel, “Hearts at Dawn”, a Beauty & the Beast retelling set during the 1870 Siege of Paris.